Up A Tree

  Up A Tree

Genealogy is T-R-E-E-rific!

Genealogists are like monkeys, always in the trees.

Am I in the right family tree?

I’m stuck in my family tree, and I can’t get down.

Many a family tree needs trimming.

My family tree needs more wood and less sap.

A family tree can wither if nobody tends it’s roots.

A great many family trees were started by grafting.

Am I the only person up my tree?

Family Tree? It seems to grow more like a noxious weed.

I reach out to touch all branches in my lineages.

I researched my family tree… apparently I don’t exist!

I shook my family tree, a bunch of nuts fell out.

With MY luck, my family tree has root rot!

I’m digging my family tree up by the roots!

My family coat of arms ties at the back…..is that normal?

My family tree died in the last drought.

My family tree is a few branches short! Help appreciated.

My family tree’s roots went underground.