Oh, By The Way

Oh, By The Way

I’m always late. My ancestors must have arrived on the Juneflower.

My family came on the Mayflower…or was it Allied?

Who’s in charge of washing the Family Group Sheets?

When tracing ancestors, please stay within the lines!

Genealogists live in the past lane.


“When you have the Energy and the Time — You haven’t got the Money!”
“When you have the Energy and the Money — You haven’t got the Time!”
“When you have the Money and the Time — You haven’t got the Energy!”

Ghosts are merely unsubstantiated roomers.

It appears as if my ancestors had several bad heir days.

AND on the eighth day God said, “OK, Murphy, take over.”

His teacher asked little Johnnie, “What do Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Franklin Roosevelt all have in common?” Little Johnnie replied, “They are all dead!”